A legacy of leadership, partnership and unparalleled support

Lillian Meyers, formerly with Commonwealth Financial

2013 Winner of Laserfiche’s RunSmarter Award

Dave Allred, formerly with AXA Advisors

Girard Securities: Putting the advisor first is in our DNA

Anticipating needs, providing resources, empowering you

Girard: it starts and ends with this, we put the advisor first

Learn How Girard Empowers Advisors

Learning the lessons of yesterday for a brighter tomorrow

Girard Securities is a full-service broker/dealer that supports its affiliated, licensed investment and financial advisors to help them assist their clients in achieving their savings and retirement goals. Through a legacy of nearly four decades in the industry, we have helped hardworking men and women realize their dreams because of the insight and guidance of the advisors that we empower.


Learn How Girard Empowers Advisors